Finding the light in ageless celebs

Our very first blog post...What do I even write about here....

Why you should hire us

Why our booth is so great

Ottawa Photo Booth with flair (ugh...I can’t believe I just used “flair” to describe our booth!)

I need something that people will want to READ! Something for our target market and SEO’d so that some sorta internet spider (I hate spiders) can find this site. This will hopefully make us show up on page 1 of the internet god’s (aka Google) search page

(Seriously, I hate spiders)

After about a minute of trying to type out some blog marketing gold, I give up. Now I start googling random stuff because maybe, just maybe, it will make my brain work.

Let’s review my google history for the past few minutes...

  • Fresh Prince of Bell Air theme song
  • Saved by the bell theme song
  • What ever happened to Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski (because for a second I forget that they’re actors....)
  • Mario Lopez and the fountain of youth (seriously type it self-populates, so CLEARLY I’m not the only one thinking it)

Ugh..... So here I am, staring at a picture of James Franco and all I can think about is how horrible the lighting is in this picture!

Lighting is such an important part of photography! I feel like all these stars that apparently don’t age (which is just slightly creeping me out/making me incredibly jealous...#jealous) should all step into our booth and get some quality pictures taken of them!

I mean it’s not rocket science but it sure makes a difference!

psssstt..This is the part where I tell you why our lighting is just so awesome, tee hee.

No, but seriously, we’re talking like double rainbow awesome. We use professional studio lighting that is perfectly bounced, balanced and angled to make you look awesome! Just check out some of these shots.

I think this one speaks for its self...

Sexy and I know it

Funny face and all... still looks good.

Funny face photobooth

This lovely lady below even came to our Facebook page to tell us how great she looked in her picture.

Photobooth review lady

YOU look great Miriam! We just captured it properly for you :)

Ottawa Photo Booth Review

So there you have it. Our first blog post. I hope you learned why lighting is so important and why our booth is so awesome for having professional lighting. Have I said awesome enough for you yet? Cause everything is awesome and everything is cool when you play by the rules #legomovie

Have you been in our booth and have an uncontrollable urge to tell the world or maybe even just a few friends. Then feel free to share the love on our Facebook reviews page.

...and if you haven’t yet then you probably should ;)

Hope to see you in the booth soon.

PS. You want to see the stars that don’t age, don’t you? DON’T.YOU. I wouldn’t leave you without sharing the link! Sharing is caring! Here you go.

Which one do you find the creepiest? Leave your comments below.