Take your Corporate Event to the Next Level with a Photo Booth


If you’re of the opinion that partying with your co-workers and clients is a groan-inducing affair, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s right, we’re saying that hanging out with your colleagues outside of the office can be fun. With the right refreshments, mindset, and atmosphere, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a blast at your next corporate gathering.

While there are several elements that will make a corporate event a success, there is something that you can offer guests that will take the event beyond the standard, run-of-the-mill get-together. Here are a few good reasons why you should rent a photo booth for your next corporate event:



1. You will increase engagement from employees and clients

I don’t know many people who don’t love using props for a fun photo shoot. It’s dynamic and amps up the energy in the room; you can even think of it as a mini-Halloween with a corporate twist! Whether they want to get goofy or keep their composure, posing for a few photos will bring colleagues closer together, and having them mingle in a social setting will help boost the overall morale in the office.

Even if someone is somewhat camera shy, looking at the cool photos afterwards is worth getting in front of the camera for. So go ahead, rent a photo booth, strike a pose, and keep the memory forever!


2. You will enhance your brand’s persona

While having a corporate event photo booth is largely about having fun, there are professional reasons for incorporating this activity into a party. Guests will notice that your company cares enough about its employees and clients to not only plan a party for them, but to go above and beyond in ensuring that they’re having a good time. Because you know that work doesn’t always have to be serious; it can be fun too!

3. You will increase online engagement

It’s true–if you rent a photo booth, you will encourage online engagement (which, consequently will also help with the point above). If you’re growing frustrated at the lack of engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and whatever other social media platforms you may be using, what better way to get people involved than by posting cool, high-quality photos of them with fun and colourful props? Guests will definitely want to share these photos from the corporate event on their personal social channels. As a result, they’ll be mentioning your company and the great event that you put on!

4. You will relieve some of the stress associated with planning

As anyone who has ever planned an event will tell you, making sure that everyone has a good time can be stressful. If you are part of the organizing team, you certainly don’t want attendees talking about how boring or unorganized your event was; you want to hear them raving to their friends and family about what an awesome time they had! Having a professional corporate event photo booth set up, complete with eclectic props, vibrant backdrops, and ultra high-quality photos will allow you to breathe easier knowing that everyone is enjoying themselves.

So there you have it. A corporate event photo booth is not only one helluva good time, it’s also great for business! Take the typical corporate snoozefest and turn it on its head: from now on, when people think corporate event, they’ll think exciting, fun, and awesome!