Rent a Photo Booth this Christmas!


With the lack of snow and unseasonably warm weather, it may seem difficult to wrap your head around the fact that Christmas is very nearly here. And along with all the other things—getting gifts, dealing with crowded malls, decorating your home—you’ve still got to sort out that corporate Christmas party. Whether it’s a small office affair or a massive company-wide event, there’s one easy thing you can do to bring the fun: rent a photo booth!

christmas photo booth

christmas photo booth

Here’s why a professional photo booth for events and your corporate holiday party are a perfect mix:

Take the Stress off

Tim Burton—the much acclaimed film-maker responsible for films like Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Batman Returns (all set at Christmas)—is rumoured to favour Christmastime as a backdrop to his movies because it naturally adds an element of stress to everything. And what’s more stressful than trying to make sure everyone is having fun at Christmas? When you rent a professional photo booth, you’re letting professional fun-makers—with experience bringing the good times to events like yours—take care of your guests, so you can breathe easy.

Put Your Brand’s Best Face Forward

A photo booth for events isn’t just a fun activity for your guests to take part in—it’s also a potent branding tool for your company. Professional booths that handle these kinds of events come prepared and ready to help you promote your brand, both at the event and through social media. With branded watermarks and custom props, backdrops, and templates, every upload, share, tag, and more, puts more eyes on you and your company and more importantly shows you know how to have a good time. Talk about making impressions in the digital age!

Make Your Event Memorable

What’s better than spreading Christmas cheer? Making memories out of it, of course! When you rent a photo booth for your corporate Christmas party, you’re allowing everyone who walks through it to make a lasting keepsake out of it, with both a digital copy and a print of their photograph. It gives them something that they can, in turn, share with friends and family (especially grandparents who live far away and love seeing photos of their grandkids at Christmas). And the best thing is, all of that cheer, all of that nostalgia, all of that fun around the holidays, it will all be something that you—and your brand—helped to create.

Book a professional photo booth for your event this Christmas season, and make the holiday season a memorable one.