Christmas Party Photo Booth Rental Options

Wait? There are options?

There are! Who knew...? 

Christmas parties are a challenge to plan and while adding a photo booth rental is a great idea, there is more to our photo booth rentals then just taking pictures. Here are just a few ways you can spice up your Christmas party photo booth rental even more!


Wether you pronounce it GIF or JIF, everyone loves these low res moving pictures. You might think that you have to chose between one or the other but I have good news, you don't! We can print out a picture template and make you an animated GIF at the same time! Let your imagination run wild! How about a neon Christmas with pink snow? 


Giant Balloon Props

If you're not really into the regular photo booth props or just really enjoy balloons as much as we do then oversized balloons are a great choice for your photo booth! There is this childlike awesomeness to playing with giant balloons. 



If you have kids attending your Christmas party then we would recommend bringing good old St. Nick along for the ride! Everyone will be super happy that they didn't have to drive to the mall, wait in line and pay for their santa photo and who doesn't love having their picture taken with Santa! 


We want to make sure your event isn't stuck in a repetitive photo booth rut! Try out one of these different options for your next event and see how much fun your guests have. Don't forget we offer rentals in Ottawa, Toronto, Halifax, PEI and surrounding areas.