How to increase your social media imprint at your next event

Let's face it, when you're planning an event, you want to create something amazing that will make people want to share their experience. You want to create something so engaging that they want to tell their friends and family all about it and ultimately get the word - and your brand - out. 

We meet with a lot of companies that want to add a photo booth to their event or trade show because they think it's a fun thing to attract people to their event or booth - which it is! - but there is so much more that a photo booth can do than just attract people.

A photo booth is a very powerful marketing tool that can please guests and your marketing department too! Our photo booth can be completely outfitted to be on-brand, and our social media sharing maintains that brand consistency right down to the language, links and hashtags that are used when guests share their pictures. 

You're probably wondering what kind of reach you can get at an event with a photo booth so let's look at the numbers:


18,000 impressions are waiting for you!

We work closely with you to make sure we deliver the best experience for your guests and get you and your brand the most positive exposure. Let's chat!