Hot Event Trends: Balloons!

We've always had a thing for balloons here at MDRN Photobooth Company. A couple years ago we started integrating balloons as props for our photo booths and ever since then we've kind of been hooked.  These fun shapes let us bring in cute oversized 3D props that people just can’t keep their hands off. They aren’t just for weddings but we really do love how the balloons add a highly stylized and fun element to this modern minimalist wedding.

We’ve even started playing around with having balloons as backdrops for our photo booth.  We like to keep things simple and clean just like in this Valentine's Day backdrop where we placed a bunch of white mylar hearts on our wall. We then commissioned the wonderful ChalkedByMabz to write some of our favourite Valentines Day quotes onto some balloons to serve as complementing props.

Over the years we’re really starting to see the trend for balloon installations start to pick up and we're excited to see some official professional balloon installation companies pop up here in Ottawa. One of these companies, and also the only one we feel lives up to our expectations, is called the Blåsa Balloons and they’re located in Kanata right near our studio! Well, we've teamed up with them to now be able to start offering our clients some really unique balloon backdrops for their events.

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What does this partnership mean? Well, it means that all of our clients will get access to all their balloon creations directly through us. We will offer a full line of pre-made and custom designed balloon backdrops, garlands and arches for any MDRN Photobooth client. YAY!

In case you’re wondering who runs Blåsa Balloons, you won’t be surprised to know that it’s none other the Brittany Frid of Frid Events. Brittany is a well known, award winning wedding planner in Ottawa and we have had the pleasure of working with her over the years. We want to introduce you to Brittany Frid of Frid Events and Blåsa Balloons and thought what better way to do it then a 1 minute Feature Film.