Innovative Name Badges For Your Next Corporate Event


We recently held our 5-year anniversary party where we decided to make personalized name IDs for everyone. We quickly heard from many of our planner friends how this idea could help solve a lot of their problems at events so we thought you might be interested to hear about it too.

Custom photo and name printed on the spot

Custom photo and name printed on the spot


Offering people a personalized experience at any large event can be difficult. Name badges might seem simple enough but how many times have you had your list completed then someone needs to make a name change? Or many you had a room change on the itinerary and now you have to print off thousands of stickers to fix the already printed badges that conveniently had the itinerary on the back.😩

Add a schedule to the back of your ID badge so people know where to go at all times.

Add a schedule to the back of your ID badge so people know where to go at all times.


MDRN Badges are the perfect solution for any event. Offer your guests a completely custom experience AND a great headshot to go with it. Let them enter their name the way they want people to address them or our attendants can complete the name for them as it appears on the list.

Add additional information like title, firm or even team name if it's important to your event.

Need to make a last minute change to the schedule? We can do on the spot live updates to the print material!

Need multiple badge designs for the same event? We can upload different badge types to be selected from so you can print them all from one spot while still offering a personalized experience.

Girl wearing a personalized name id badge with her picture on it


Instead of a boring table, your guests will be greeted by our brand ambassadors who will walk them through the process of collecting their ID badge.

First we take a picture in on of our photobooths, this will also serve as their headshot for sharing later. Once we have taken the picture guests will enter in their information and their name badge will print. Our brand ambassadors will then put the name badge in a plastic envelope attached to the lanyard and hard it to your guests.

We have lot’s of different sizes available depending on what you are looking for.

Let’s knock the socks off people at your next event with some personalized ID badges!