How to Leverage Photo and Video Activations for the best ROI

Experiential marketing is a growing field of marketing based around physical experiences. MDRN Photobooth Company is a leading firm in deploying photo booth activations for emerging and established brands looking to explore the potential of experience.

Today we’ll have a chance to talk about ways that your business can leverage our skillset to get share-worthy content in the hands of clients in exchange for actionable data.

What if I told you that almost all of the searches for experiential marketing happen in major urban areas? I’d follow up by telling you that even among those areas, NYC dominates.

Experiential Marketing Search Popularity.png

It means two things:

First, if you’re in these areas, you’re competing with people spending millions on their experiential marketing. Other people understand this space and they’re trying to reach savvy consumers with new ideas daily.

Second, if you’re not in these areas, if you had a deployable solution for activations, you’d be the only show in town.

Let’s dig into those two facts a little bit. If you’re in a small market, it’s worth seeing what NYC, Chicago, LA, and Toronto vendors are doing. If you’re in one of those cities, it’s worth seeing what your options are for expanding elsewhere!

NYC is clearly the hub of experiential marketing. That means it might not be possible to stand out by having a bigger experience. Nike can always pay for more people to join their activation. Their budget is endless. Shopify (a leader in the experiential marketing space) is doing meet and greets with every influencer they can find. If you’ve got more than a hundred thousand followers on Instagram and a Shopify store, you’ve received an invite already.

What is left for a regular business?


There's a whole lot left for regular businesses when they work with MDRN. And it starts with photo booths. No longer relegated to making cute strips at train stations, photo booth activations are incredibly effective tools. The important part of experiential marketing is generating content that people want to share. It doesn’t matter how cool or unique it is if it doesn’t end up on visitors instagrams.

MDRN is all about shareable content. Anybody who knows the Instagram algorithm like we do knows that faces get likes on personal accounts. This is why we deploy photo booths with the ability to get facial content to people’s phones instantly. You’re never relying on an external photographer because even a short delay can result in a visitor finding a different spot and taking a selfie instead of giving you their data and their consent to be marketed to in future.

One of the ways that you can most effectively leverage an activation like this is with tasteful branding. People might be excited to share a photo but if it’s in front of an old school logo backdrop they might think twice. The average consumer in a big market is familiar with experiential marketing, remember? If you haven’t done something special for them, they aren’t just going to advertise for you. MDRN’s graphic design skill is second to none. Look at the ways that we’ve put brands in the spotlight without losing interest from guests!

MDRN is always looking for the latest and greatest and always introducing new products. They share this information with us and we look like rock stars to our clients by offering them the newest experiences.
— Carole - Chic and Swell

Markets like NYC and LA aren’t everything, though.

There are markets unfamiliar with huge activations and Instagram museums.

Those markets might find a photo booth styled activation to be considerably more tangible and understandable. It’s always a great opportunity to be in a place like Ottawa or Montreal with relatable entry points. Taking photos with a backdrop is much more straightforward than almost any experiential marketing out there. As a business owner, you get all the benefits of data capture, buzz, and usable content. You also deliver an experience worthy of the brand.

It’s also a ton of fun to be in something like a 360 booth. It’s not a hard leap to go from taking a selfie to taking a 360 degree selfie!

Working in a smaller market means you need the kind of experience that MDRN has. We’ve done every kind of event, from beautiful and intimate weddings all the way to Canada Day events synchronized across the country. Rather than give you a standard experience, we tailor every single activation to match exactly what you’re looking for.

If your brand has struggled to find a way to generate a social media buzz, a tangible activation like a photo booth is going to deliver results in a market where other ideas and plans wouldn’t. MDRN can make that happen, so contact us below and let’s get your brand in the spotlight where it belongs.

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