Photobooth are everywhere you go, the mall, weddings, birthday parties and pretty much ever single celebrity event known to man kind. When you think of the traditional photobooth images of giant glasses, feather boa’s and tacky pictures probably come to mind but todays post is going to change the way you think about having a photobooth at your wedding.

And just as no two weddings are the same, no two booths are created equal. With limitless options of backdrops, props and templates, MDRN allows you to customize your booth to make your photobooth experience well and truly yours.  

When selecting your photobooth it’s important to vet your vendor like you would any other wedding vendor. If you are looking for a high quality image that your guests will cherish and keep forever then look to a find a booth that provides studio quality prints. They should have professional cameras, studio lighting and photo lab-quality printers. It’s also important to see what the booth actually looks like so that it blends perfectly with your wedding. 

To give you an idea of what you can do with you photobooth we designed five completely unique, completely customized booths to get you excited about having a photobooth at your wedding. Use them as-is or as inspiration for your own one-of-a-kind booth. Each week we will bring you another inspirational look to swoon over. 

Modern Minimalist

The sleek and trendy marble-patterned backdrop and minimalist black, white and gold custom balloon props give this booth a modern, classic vibe. 

Marble Photo booth
Balloon Props Photo booth
Modern Minimalist  photo booth
Modern photo booth halifax
black and white photo booth
Modern photo booth ottawa
minimalist wedding
modern photo booth toronto
fun photobooth ottawa

Matching your invitation is a nice way to tie in your wedding styling to your photobooth and it makes for a great keepsake for your guests. Photobooth pictures as a wedding favour are a welcome change to the traditional wedding favours from the past. 

styled photo booth
Toronto photo booth
halifax photo booth
toronto photobooth
ottawa photo booth
ottawa photobooth
halifax photobooth


Planner + Stylist: Toast Events
Photography: MDRN Photobooth Company
Photography Assistance: Kim Ing Photography
Hair: TopKnot Hairstyling by Kristy MacDonald
Makeup: Klava Zykova
Dresses: Revelle Bridal
Suits: L'Hexagon
Models: Angies Models
Additional Models: Victoria Denofrio, Laura Jeffs
Video footage: Rob Lloyd